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3 Easy Planter Ideas:

We wanted to share with you three ways to dress up your plant, when you don’t have the time or money for repotting. Or you’re just super lazy! Admittedly most of these are temporary options and not suited to long-term use, but are great if you want to wait a while for your next repotting day. 3-PLanter-Ideas-When-Youre-Too-Lazy-to-Repot-20-778x519@2x


Got a spare tea towel lying around the house? Because that’s seriously all you need for this quick update to your plant. N0 potting mix required! Make it a nice new tea towel and you have the perfect gift wrap for your plant gift too. We’ve added a strip of cardboard to this wrap to make it nice and structured, so it has the look of a pot!


Ok so the plant basket isn’t a new idea, but I feel like they are seriously undervalued in terms of being a plant pot alternative, I know some people repot and then put into a basket but you seriously don’t have to. The key with this is to ensure that you first put your plant base, ie the tray that catches all the water, into the bottom of the basket, so you don’t ruin your basket when you water your plant.

3-PLanter-Ideas-When-Youre-Too-Lazy-to-Repot-1-778x1165@2xTHE DUST BAG

Have you guys noticed that dust bags have become a major part of the packaging of most things you receive online? Handbags, swimwear, jewelry, so many things come in a dustbag now. Which makes sense because they’re lighter than boxes and thus less expensive and more sustainable to post, and they can also be reused which I love. It does mean though that you can sometimes be inundated with dustbags, particularly if you love online shopping like I do! Anyway, I got some lovely linen dustbags from my recent linen sheet order and realized they would be a great option for dressing up some cacti I had at home, looking sad in their brown plastic pots.

And there you have it, three different ways to glam up your plants without having to open a single bag of potting mix. Yay! As I mentioned, these ideas also make great gift wrap if you plan on giving plants as gifts… Which you totally should!


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